Tuesday, May 11, 2010

hellooooooooo out there....

I know it's been a ridiculously long time since my last post! So I could potentially rabbit on for hours here, however I'll refrain and keep it brief - ish. Part of the reason I haven't blogged has been because I've been feeling ill - all for good reason though... I'm going to be a mumma again! Yes, Mr Marley Moo will assume the role of big brother in November this year around the 21st and he is quite chuffed about that. We've been reading "There's a house inside my mummy" to Marley (he loves this book) and in the book they speak of the tummy telephone which he speaks in regularly to the baby - this morning he spoke to baby and asked for it to come to the park with him... cutie. Anyway the times I have felt relatively normal I've filled with the day to day necessities which has left little "functional" time for much else...anyway I'm back online now and hopeful that having reached the twelve week mark that this nausea will subside any day now. Any day now.................

I had my twelve week scan yesterday and I was happy to discover one squirmy babe (the fact that I had popped out so quickly and was the size at twelve weeks that I was with Marley at 5 months did instill some nervousness that there may be two in there!) Any way one it is with ten little fingers and ten little toes - great. I've posted some pics from the scan. Seeing the little babe (which we have affectionately named flipper due to its dolphin like dance) suspended all the grief of morning sickness and tiredness - so special to see our little bundle on that screen. I am so ready for trimester two and the "glow" - ready for the "glow" - I'm done with "bedraggled!".

On the creative front there hasn't been a huge amount going on although I have secured a design job for friends of my sister in law to design and project manage their kitchen and bathroom renovations - so far so good. Really happy with the plans and all my trades have been turning up and making it a breeze so far - reckon the renovation angels are weaving some magic for me... thank you winged ones keep it flowing. It's been great to be running this project and getting some squillers in... As a mum we always are busy enough however it does feel good to earn doing other grown up things.

Marley is doing great - we are going through the whole enrollment process for kinda next year - good lord they sprout up quickly. Next year there'll be another little soul in our lives and I'll be busy with kinder drop offs... it all seems so surreal and yet before I know it I'll be ushering in my little barley sugar to his first day of school. I'm being more mindful of the present and doing my best to enjoy each moment. I picked up buddhism for mothers again yesterday and it's been timely to begin reading this again. Such a great read and beautiful gentle reminder about our lives as a parent and how being present to what is occurring is so much more joyful than pining for our past or planning our next block of "me" time.

Well that's me for now, promise the next post will appear before 3 months time!

Beans xxx