Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hi there peeps... Yes we are still alive and all is well within the Amos tribe. It's been an eventful few months and my ever expanding belly is looking very pregnant now with one mighty wriggler in there. We had the 20 week scans done a few weeks ago and here are some pics...

The whole 3D thing is a bit freaky... we weren't expecting to see babe in 3D but I guess it is quite amazing... Babe is healthy and is about 15 weeks away from coming into our world...

This pic is from some weeks ago so the bump is much bigger now!

So life has been busy with usual life stuff... Mike recently began a new job with World Vision and his work is taking him to South America in September for three weeks (lucky thang!) mind you it will be tough going and he'll see some amazing things. Our little man will miss his dad but we have a trip to Adelaide coming up while Mike is away and by the time we get back I'll be in my last trimester and it will be preparing for baby time.

Happy to report that my design and project management job has successfully finished and the end result looks fantastic... It's inspired me to do some similar work and start the early steps of creating a small business...to be resumed once baby is here and happy - well into the new year. In between designing kitchens, organising toy library open days, life stuff and birthday parties I still managed to rev up the sewing machine and create some softies for Marley and my niece who recently turned one. Marley was most helpful... hmmm (scattering pins over the loungeroom floor - of which there were daily findings in the weeks to come!) and one rainy day in June we managed to make these little creatures - a robot bear for Mars and Mum and babe for Charlie...

And as for our little man well he recently had a birthday and turned 3! Happy Birthday Barley Sugar... Celebrations were low key with a small party at home and some gatherings at playgroup and creche. Marley was most excited about proceedings and a few days prior he had a lovely chat with the man at the fruit shop and invited him along to his party... Mars was a little baffled as to why the man wasn't able to come but came to accept that he would probably be working that day! Marley has grown up so quickly and his most recent fascination (despite his mum's dislike of superheroes and all the merch associated with it!) is Buzz... Yes Marley think he is Buzz and likes to save people and protect us from monsters!

Here he is... dressed as buzz thanks to Dad's creativity, the use of stickers and two ice cream buckets out of the recycle bin! He thought he was so ace and flew around the house... to infinity and beyond!!! And even though I'm not a huge fan of commercial characters I think Buzz is pretty cool and then when he measured his love for us by describing it as "loving you to the moon and buzz and back!" well that just made it adorable and melted me! The make shift costume has since been replaced with a ridgey didge Buzz outfit from his Aunty and he thinks he's Ace!!!

The party was fun and complete with the shark cake that Marley requested...

complete with tic tac teeth - Mars was chuffed that he got to eat its fin and several of its teeth. So another year has rolled by and my baby is now 3 and not a baby at all. We have so much more to look forward to in the coming months and life is really great. I'm still loving being back in Melbourne and being close to family and friends is something I'm grateful for every day... we do miss our Adelaide friends and family though but are very much looking forward to our trip back to our second home for hugs, catch ups and coffees.

More creations to come pre baby as there are some commissions that have come my way so stay tuned and I'll post some pics when they are done.

Big Warm Hugs to all

Beans xxx

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Jess said...

Great post hun! Marley looks so cute and super cool as Buzz! Made me smile big time! And I am lovin your creations and cant wait to hear more about the business idea when you come to Adelaide! Yay! Not far away now. We must have got the blog bite at the same time - I just started a new one after 4 months break. Can see it at

Love ya!